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Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know before ordering?

We will need your name, address, 2 phone numbers, date of event and items wanted.

Parks or non/ residential set up have an additional fee.Varies from $50 to $150 depending on city.

We need at least 4ft wide side gate door or a double gate for bigger units. A flat entrance if we have to go to the back and clear pathway so we can bring jumper with dolly.

Deliveries may vary depending on route. If driver arrives for pick up and no one is home, you will be charged another full day. Please arrange with driver at delivery.


Make sure you have enough space required for the unit you choose, plus 2-3ft around and up the inflatable.

Entry must be clear and flat, at least 3ft. wide. For bigger units 4ft. or more. No steps or Hills

Questions or concerns feel free to contact us at (951)992-8041


Blowers includes 12ft. extension cord.

We rent extension cords as well, make sure to add them at the time of reservation in case you need an extra one.

50ft. Extension Cords.............$5.00 We also rent Generators.


No dirt , Gravel (rocks) or sand set ups. Grass area is preferred for jumpers setup (grass, concrete, mulch, turf) On non stackable area there will be a charge for sand bags $5 each, basic units require 4, bigger units may vary between 6 to 10. Please let us know at the time of reservation.


We are not responsible for possibly tapping an underground sprinkler and or pipes when staking down units

PARTY RENTALS & JUMPERS PALUDIS are not responsible for damaged sprinklers, lines,gas lines, water pipes,or communication lines. It is the costumers responsibility to mark them for us prior to set up.


Please know in advance which direction you want the entrance on your inflatable. We should only have to set up your inflatable once. (once setup is done the unit cant be turned around or dragged to another location)

Costumers can't move the units from where staff members set them up.


We are on a tight schedule when making deliveries, so please be courteous to other clients.

Tables and chair.

Table and chair set up is not included.  Chairs  and tables are left stacked, please have them ready for pick up the  same way they were left to avoid any extra charge.

What should i do in advance to prepare my yard for the delivery?

Please make sure that your yard is ready for setup. You should have CLEAR and OPEN path for us to get to the area where the equipment is to be setup.

Please be sure the area is clean of debris and animal waste.

It is costumers responsibility to put Dogs away in a secured area away from the equipment at all times, to prevent any damages in the units. If so costumer is 100% responsible for any damage on the equipment.

For grass areas we do recommend not watering 2 to 3 days before.

Maintain the sprinklers system off while unit is setup.


What time is delivery and pick up?

An adult that is 18 years or older must be home to sign the contract and make the payment.

Driver can deliver your order between 7:30am to 12:00pm and pick up times between 6:00pm and 9:00pm. Day Rental base is 6 to 8 hrs.  

(for late night or next day pick ups request at the time of reservation for availability and fees)

If the jumper will be setup on the front yard there is no overnight rentals.


Is there any confirmation? and what type of Payments do you accept?

Confirmation calls or texts are made Thursday - Friday prior to the event date.

We will confirm the date, address, equipment, times and total.

Payment is due upon Delivery. Forms of payments: Cash, Venmo and Zelle .

Credit and Debit Cards + Fee.


Do you service at Parks?

Yes we do cover parks, we are fully licensed, insured and approved for the Cities that we cover

It is costumers responsibility to get the permit with the city or park. Reservations must be placed in the name of the same person whose name is in the permit, paper work must match with the city or park.

There is a $65.00 fee for the insurance certificate. Most parks don't have electricity but we also rent generators

We will need 2 hours minimum of time window for delivery and pick up.

We do also require an ID and Utility bill that provides your current address such as water, electricity or waste management bill.


What happens in case of rain?

When there is a chance of rain or it is raining, we will call you the day before or same day in the morning of your event, you can decide then to cancel or have us continue with the delivery. If you decide to have us continue with the delivery you will be required to pay for the full rental. (bigger units cant be setup on rain)

We do not give refunds for rain, bad weather or nonuse.

Inflatables should not be used during rain, thunderstorms or high winds.

Do not use the inflatable if the wind exceeds 15 miles per hour.

If during your rental it does rain, exit the bounce house and unplug the unit, wait for the rain to stop. After it stops raining, go inside and dry the unit with some towels, riders can re-enter the unit.


Can we put water on the Inflatables?

Water is ONLY to be place on WATER SLIDES and designated WATER COMBOS only.

If water is put on any other unit there will be a minimum cleaning fee of $55.00 depending on the size of the unit.

If you rent a waterslide unit and we agree to pick up on the next day, unit can't be wet again the day of the pick up.

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